Proposed CLUB EVENTS for October 2020.
Subject to revision.
All Club activities subject to COVID-19 restrictions.

Sunday 4th October:   Sunday breakfast at 'The Orangery', cnr. Mountain View Rd. and Landsborough Rd. from 8 am.

Wednesday 7th October:   Club run, byo morning tea at Cruice Park Woodford, then byo lunch at Mt. Mee. Leader Rod R.   The Gantry

Wednesday 14th October:   The Club Monthly General Meeting at 9 am, preceded by a bbq breakfast from 8 am.

Sunday 18th October:   Club run to the residence of member Serge D. at Montville for a tour of his collection of Citroen vehicles and Clocks. Byo everything for a bbq luncheon.

The normal Wednesday and Sunday morning gatherings 9 -11 at the Clubhouse will continue.

Public event. The first Saturday of each month. Coffee & Cars at the German Bakehouse, 54 Junction Drive, Coolum Beach
(in the Quanda Rd Industrial Estate). A social gathering for Veteran, Vintage, Historic, Classic and Sports car owners to share a coffee from 7 am-10 am. Also the site of the Rolls Royce Museum open 8 - 11.

Practice Social Distancing at all Club activities - 1.5 m. Wearing of respiratory masks is advisable.