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Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club

Clubhouse Progress.
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The first stage of the Clubhouse was completed in 2012.
On Wednesday 24th May 2017, after many months of planning and preparation, work began on erection of the Clubhouse extension. This was a 5 metre addition to the existing 10 metre wide building. Steel beams and roofing materials were unloaded, and fabrication commenced.
31/5/17. Work continued on drilling of bolt holes in channel sections and drilling for the concrete pad hold down bolts.
28/6/17. Over a period of two days, the additional frame and roofing were added.
5/7/17. An enthusiastic working bee completed the side walls, and installed the end portal to basic lockup stage.
12/17. Final sheet metal work and electrical installation is now completed.
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The next installment soon.

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