Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club

History of the "Horseless Carriage Club"

The idea of forming a local Club on the Range for old car enthusiasts was bandied about by several locals in the mid 1980's because they wearied of the trip to Brisbane to attend Meetings and Rallies with like minded people. The group headed by the late Jack and Alison Warren of Montville, met and "tinkered" in their workshop/shed behind their home.

A favourite story told by Ron Hutt is that the "shed" was also home to a number of carpet snakes and Gus (a protective gander) which added a bit of excitement from time to time, and that in winter, the forge was fired up for warmth. Jack and Alison who owned an Austin 7 hp tourer were well known identities of Montville and donated the flagstaff and gaslamps on the Village Green.

The history behind the name, "The Blackall Range Horseless Carriage Club" is an interesting one. Many names were put forward. Jack had a Scottish grandfather who was a prominent grazier and politician living north of Adelaide. In order to attend Parliament in the city he purchased around 1900's a Shearer Automobile. This horseless vehicle was the first produced in Australia, had large carriage wheels and a coach-like body, so hence our name. The "Shearer" is in the Birdwood Motor Museum in South Australia.

Shearer Steam Powered vehicle 1898.

1910 Cadillac M30, the first motor vehicle to visit Maleny in 1913.

Ron and the late Joan Hutt of Mapleton, Graham and Alice Hopkins and Michael and Kyleigh Simpson of Montville were early founding Members who are still resident on the Range.

In 2012, our Clubhouse was erected in the grounds of the Maleny Historical Society Village complex, 7 Bryce Lane Maleny. Members meet socially each Wednesday morning and a Club meeting is held monthly.

As in the past, the Club encourages membership from people either owning an older vehicle or sharing a passion for Automotive History, Classic Cars, or in a purely social role.

The Club has always been proud of the camaraderie of its Members and the support, friendship and fun which they enjoy. New members are made very welcome and quickly assimilate within the Club.

The Club participates in several community events throughout the year, Australia Day Celebrations, Anzac Day street parade and static displays at local schools, historical days at Pattmore Cottage and the Maleny Show.

The year's program endeavours to cater to all Members motoring interests, including monthly Sunday rallies, midweek rallies, hosting events at our clubhouse, and a monthly social breakfast at a local restaurant.

Example of a Queensland club registered "Special Interest Vehicle" "S-plate".